Local Websites Launched Bloomice & Signocom

10th December 2018 by Andy

The Requirement

Bloomice are an innovative design house and manufacturer of communication components. Their cutting edge products are found inside the latest technology devices across a broad array of markets. Antennas, connectors, cables and testers - their range of chips feature in everything from cars and boats to mobile phones, and are sold globally.

A quick Google search put us in contact with one another, and we quickly found a shared understanding of how to improve their online presence. But it wasn't just Bloomice.

Signocom is a distributor of Bloomice among other monufacturers. The two companies are closely tied, so we needed to establish a way of maintaining that connection and bringing both into the present. The old website was tired and limited in functionality. There was no way to update content, so a completely new philosophy was required.

The Approach

The first thing we looked at was the branding. Existing corporate colour schemes were balanced and worked well for both businesses, but we felt new branding with a more modern feel would benefit them further.

Modern branding acts like glue throughout the fabric of a website, to bring its design style and company identity together. We wanted a modern design style and with businesses so closely aligned, proposed they utilise the same template to show that connection. Completely different and unique styles but implemented in a shared layout.

The sites also needed to function equally well. How good you look means nothing unless someone sees you, so we proposed some additional work to optimise the websites for search engines, and ensured the design of the site made Calls-To-Action a clear priority to make getting in touch simple.

The Work

Branding always comes first. Once it strikes the right balance of style and professionalism, with iconography that supports it, works that follow have a clearer direction - the branding sets the first impression - the website is then designed to compliment it.

That also means the branding of both businesses had to share common ground if both were to fit seemlessly into a similar layout. Around 20 different logo concepts were started and concluded in 3 or 4 choices for each brand. Once decided, we developed 3 or 4 variations of each, designed to suit different backgrounds and uses.

Next we created a template that we felt put the product front and centre. The homepage is a clean, modern and simple layout, designed for imagery to create impact and filled with shortcuts direct into product categories. it's efficient in its construction, built with minimal plugins to ensure fast page loading times that are well inside Google's benchmarks.

The colour schemes took shape from the logo in each case. Imagery chosen was a mix of those provided by each business and stock shots that supported the industries and products. Content was written to further support the strategy and position of each business.

The Result

The websites launched and immediately raised the profile of both businesses. Since then there has been a steady flow of products enquiries into the business, and as product information is gradually improved, the quality of Bloomice and a vendor resource and Signocom as a distribution channel continues to improve with it.

Hosted on our 1WL environment and with WordPress support, the sites are guaranteed to be maintained, secure and fast at all times.

An SEO launch package complimented our work and assisted to make the transition to the new websites as smooth as possible. As part of that, Title Tags, meta descriptions, image alt descriptions were all optimised. Permanent redirects were created for every page to ensure search engines know about the new site (essential for all site launchesm, but more critical for Bloomice which changed from using Bloomice.eu, to Bloomice.com).

Work was also carried out to establish their online directory presence and ensure uniformity across all sites.

Their MD swiftly went online to share his thoughts about our work by leaving us a public Google Review. Just Google '1WL Agency' and check out what he thought of working with us.