WordPress Training

Take control of your WordPress website

WordPress offers powerful customisation options, packaged in a way that’s relatively easy to use. Our WordPress training gives you the expertise to manage your content with ease.

We love using it, but we we also know that in without the right level of understanding, websites can easily veer off-piste.

We see a common recurring pattern; people ‘get stuck in’ beyond their technical reach. It happens with anything that’s simple-to-use but hard-to-master. The same principles and guidelines apply to all websites. There’s one right way to go about things, and many wrong ways.

Learning these fundamentals means you’ll approach any website in the right way.

WordPress Training is everywhere. There are videos on YouTube showing you how it works. Why is this different?

As anyone who’s Google’d ‘WordPress Training’ will know, there are lots of tutorials out there, but rarely anything that helps with the specific thing you’re looking for. It’s all too basic and generic.

The aim of our training is to teach you how to look after YOUR WordPress website.

We draw on 25 years industry experience, to teach you fundamental best practices, how to spot and avoid pitfalls, and many other essential tips and tricks. We share the steps we follow when building client websites, and it’s exactly what you need to know to maintain your site.

Then we dive deeper into the detail, showing you how it works at a granular level, so your knowledge, control and expertise grow together.

Each training programme is tailored to YOUR website.  We learn it, understand it, and then train you on how best to manage it. We share opinions on how to improve it, to make your daily work easier and faster.

You can choose specific training topics, or let our experienced trainers lead you through everything you need to know. If you want to become a confident WordPress Content Manager and make the most of your site, our focused approach to training will make sure you get there.

  • Our sessions are all online
  • We teach in sets of 6 x 45-minute lessons plus 15minute Q&A.
  • We use Microsoft Teams so you can record every training session
  • At the end, we provide a document listing the topics covered each week, so you can refer back to each video for future refresh.


"I've worked with 1WL before with my previous businesses, so I know the quality of the work produced and that they'll take ownership for delivering the project even when this involves coordinating with other companies we were integrating with.

Their ability to interpret our brief and deliver a creative and innovative solution, is one reason why we recommend them. The other is their comprehensive training. We put our trust in their ability to guide us and they always deliver."

Kevin Morrison
FLB Accountants