Solutions customised to your product range

Selling online has never been more essential to businesses than it is today. We offer solutions that we package with advice to get you the fastest return on your investment.

Starting a web shop can be a daunting prospect if you haven’t considered it before. Maybe the products you sell aren’t usually what you’d expect people to buy online, but the current climate has changed all of that.

Whatever the reason, we assure you, there’s no need for trepidation.

Whatever you sell, however complex your products, we can configure a website exactly as you need it, quickly and cost effectively.

Our platform of choice

There are many options to choose from but we offer WooCommerce as our preferred e-commerce add-on for WordPress.

We use it because:

  • WordPress is the No.1 website platform to develop on in 2021.
  • WooCommerce is a powerful and flexible store front solution
  • You can host your website anywhere (unlike Shopify or Wix where your website and therefore your business is tied to their platform and can’t be removed).
  • The future scope for development and scalability is limitless.


Need a Web Shop? Here’s our advice.

Planning is key to succeeding. Keeping costs to a minimum means your investment will pay for itself as quickly as possible.

The most important things to put into place BEFORE your website build begins, are:

  • Collate all of your product data into a spreadsheet. Categorise products as you would have them in the website.
  • Collect high quality images for each product and name the image files to match the product name or product code.
  • Think about other pages you will need in your website and write the content for them. Look at what other websites do – copy their methods / page structure / plagiarise their content if it saves you time.
  • Plan how to get your products in front of customers. What methods will you use? Search engine paid adverts? Social media marketing? Set a budget for promotion and compare costs for each option. If budget is limited, learn how to do it yourself.


"1WL have been a valued partner over the years, from the initial build through various upgrades and ongoing website & hosting support. They came recommended and after our first meeting we were confident they were the right choice to carry out what we wanted.

We love their proactive approach, keeping us abreast of anything new that might be useful to our business, but are never pushy - they simply pose the facts and benefits."

Christina Benjamin
Tristan Specialist Doors Ltd

If you’re looking for an E-Commerce website, we can make it happen.

Or if you need more time to mull it over, take a look at our portfolio of projects for a bit of inspiration!