Local Website Launch The Gifted Food Co.

1st November 2019 by Andy

The Requirement

One of our existing clients, Kimm and Miller, approached us with a new retail product concept asking if we could partner with them to create a website for selling online. The project would involve working with their in-house design team and a third party consultant, to build a bespoke e-commerce website for a unique, new range of personalised gift boxes.

The Approach

With any new product launch, especially new ventures with limited market feedback, a cautious approach is needed, We proposed a minimum viable product that limits the development cost.

Our proposal was to create the The Gifted Food Co. website from a duplicate of the Kimm & Miller website, which uses the 1WL CMS as its core. Minimising the development cost freed more budget that was later used to add additional features.

The Work

Branding and colourways were provided along with Photoshop design files. We began work by creating a sitemap for the website that we felt would work best. A few tweaks later, an work could begin starting with building the core page templates.

We also carried styles from the homepage through to create pages which had not been designed. This is another great way to save budget.

Once all the templates were complete, we optimised imagery and completed the content management.


The order process needed to be seamless from a user perspective, so we had 2 integrations to manage. The first was payment integration. We looked at a few payment options and decide that a customised Stripe integration was the best fit for the website's functionality.

The other was to manage how these gifts would be fulfilled. We are used to working with other companies and integrating with their systems, so we managed the relationship with the fulfillment company.

The Result

The final system allows customers to add gift boxes to an order, create a personalised message for each box, pay for the products online, and once approved pass the order details to the fulfillment company along with personalised message cards (created as PDFs for simply printing onto card), A record of every order was saved to the order database, and a custom CMS interface built to review every order and pull that information into a report.

Customised Google Analytics was also created to track every step of the buying process, providing valuable insight when orders don't complete.