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With over 40 years combined experience working in creative agencies, we’ve seen first hand how rapidly the development of web technologies has moved since the early days.  We spot the game-changers from the passing fads, and understand how implementing them the right way can change a business forever.

1WL was founded on the principal of doing the right thing, first time, every time. We achieve this through investing time in fully understanding your business intimately, knowing your challenges, ambitions, your true competitors, client expectations and where you are aiming for new prospects.


A web and digital consultant with a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from over 22 years in the industry.

Andy’s specialisms cover a range of web-related skills that include Website Architecture and System Planning, Project Management and from a creative perspective, User Interface and User Journey Design.

As co-founder and director of 1WL, Andy enjoys building mutually beneficial relationships with clients and fellow agencies, as well as setting out our standards for quality.

On the side, it’s mostly family time with a bit of online gaming, DJ-ing and the odd TV series thrown in.



Co-Founder and Director, Tim is the technical lead behind the agency, Tim’s passion for development and coding has led to a career spanning 20 years.

A problem solver who welcomes technical challenges (the more complex the better), Tim strives to build the most elegant technical solutions in the most efficient way.

Self taught with a passion for staying at the forefront of web technology, he drives innovation at 1WL, making sure we never stand still or find ourselves back in the pack.

Interests include walking, cycling, box sets and gaming.






Making up the most potent triumvirate in the industry, the brawn of the outfit is Dexter.

His fluffy face and powder puff look masks the scars of a seasoned warhorse. He’s by far the loudest of the three, yet can also be calm-as-you-like when soothing mood music plays.

An ex-bailiff and extra on TV show, ‘Can’t Pay, We’ll Take It Away’, he’s our Vice President of Finance and Social Distancing – a mainly office based role he claims to enjoy immensely. Deep down though, we know he’s happiest when outdoors (door knocking, collecting wedge, dishing out warrants, reposessing gear, chasing cats, ducks, squirrels).

His bark is worse than his bite, unless you owe him. He used to be all about money, balls and bones – now he’s just about the money.


Curious Imagination Meets Grounded Engineering


In our opinion, the perfect environment for creativity to flourish is on the foundations of a web system.

Our approach to building the best websites is to perfect functionality first, so visitors find it instinctively obvious and a pleasure to use.

The very best websites are meticulously efficient at delivering the needs of a business. We believe the receipe for perfection is where elegant functionality meets elegant visuals, presented with especial attention to detail.

If you share our vision and would like our help with your project, we’d love to meet you.

Let’s Push Things Forwards

"1WL have been a valued partner over the years, from the initial build through various upgrades and ongoing website & hosting support. They came recommended and after our first meeting we were confident they were the right choice to carry out what we wanted.

We love their proactive approach, keeping us abreast of anything new that might be useful to our business, but are never pushy - they simply pose the facts and benefits."

Christina Benjamin
Tristan Specialist Doors Ltd