Web Tools and Configurators

Bespoke built, logic based tools & systems.

One of our favourite web projects are web tools, a term we use to describe a web system designed for very specific, often singular pupose. and always technically challenging,

Web tool design can come in the form of a standalone website like the Virtual Room examples below, or can be a component part of a website, like the tax calculators we build for accountancy companies.


Ever worry that a website can’t replicate your real world system due to its complexity? Web tools are bespoke websites designed to bring complex systems online.

Tech Data Virtual Rooms

Designed as a tablet friendly sales and marketing web tool, the virtual room offers a visual environment to educate resellers and their customers on the latest technologies.

It began with a Virtual Classroom and adjoining Server Room, then a Virtual Office, Boardroom, Collaboration Space and Virtual Desk, and most recently a Virtual Hospital with Waiting Room, Ward and Consultation rooms.

"One of the best things about working with 1WL is their speed of response. They are very prompt at coming back to us, which being a fast paced organisation we need. In the rare case we uncover a technical glitch on the sites, 1WL are extremely helpful and fix issues both effectively and efficiently.

1WL have been a good supplier to us for over 8 years now. They are very good at coming up with new ideas and platforms when we come to them with a problem we are trying to resolve on behalf of either our vendors or customers."

Kirsty Guy
Tech Data UK

Protect Connect Extend

When it comes to mobile device accessories, there’s so much choice available. 

How do customers know what’s best to order?

Protect, Connect, Extend is a system that categorises products by type, making it simple for procurement teams to find recommended accessories bundles.

Choose a device, view bundles, place the order, simple.

Product Configurators are web tools used to configure products with interchangeable components, or where the process of building a product needs conditional logic to guide it.

Vision Media Player

Customisation of mini-PCs that function as AV Media Players. A neat, tidy interface masks a myriad of technical complexity.

Features live stock levels and reseller specific pricing calculated at component level.

Uses CSV export/import to the 1WL CMS, for components, specs, discounts and more. Orders pass to SAP via an API, for a seamless order processing.

If you’re searching for specialist web development, designed to fit your business needs, you’ve found it.

Or if you’re just having a nose through our pages, we’d recommend browsing our portfolio of projects to see what we’ve been up to!