Website Launch, Hosting & Support Tristan Specialist Doors

7th December 2018 by Andy

The Requirement

We've known Tristan Specialist Doors (TSD) ever since we we formed 1WL. They became a client of ours in our very first year, back in 2011, and we feel proud to know them as friends and priviledged to be able to build their latest website.

TSD had recently split from a partner business and wanted a new, modern design to accompany their re-launch. It was a perfect opportunity to refresh the TSD branding at the same time.

The Approach

TSD liked the style and colour scheme of their previous branding, so the palette for branding and site was straightforward.

We wanted to re-purpose a lot of the content from their old website. Some investment had gone into making it perform in Google natural search results, so we wanted to ensure that was maintained.

Plenty of good quality product images were supplied, which is essential to any modern, professional looking site.

The site would be based on WordPress and Divi at our recommendation, to make content updating as simple as possible.

The Work

Everything starts with branding, so we drafted 6 or 7 concepts, eventually settling on 3 to present to the client. Once a favourite was chosen, a set of logos was designed so there was always an official logo to suit any background colour.

Next, the site build began. TSD were happy to trust our judgement when it came to producing their website, so opted for our 'combined' approach to the design and build, so starting with a blank template we created wireframes in Divi for every page template. Once done we styled all the sections, integrated their images and content, before applying finishing touches an flourishes.

"1WL have been a valued partner over the years, from the initial build through various upgrades and ongoing website & hosting support. They came recommended and after our first meeting we were confident they were the right choice to carry out what we wanted.

We love their proactive approach, keeping us abreast of anything new that might be useful to our business, but are never pushy - they simply pose the facts and benefits."

Christina Benjamin
Tristan Specialist Doors Ltd

The Result

Whenever we present a website built in this way, our clients get the opportunity to use the website but STILL request changes to the design. ANYTHING they don't like can change and we rebuild it to fit their preferences. A lot of thought goes into a website like this, and we find our decision making as we create the site, is usually pretty close to what we think they want to see. Anything we're unsure of we ask about as it saves us time and clients money.

TSD took a few days to review the site, requested a few adjustments to pahge order, functionality and content placement. Then after a second round of tweaks and final touches, they signed it off and it was ready for hosting and WordPress support on our live managed hosting.

All in all the project took just 4 weeks to complete (including branding) which is a lot faster than a typical web project timeline. Our efficient unique process won through again with another happy client and great looking site.