Astute Group A Multisite Development

16th January 2022 by Tim

The Requirement

Early in 2021 our friends at Astute Electronics Ltd got in touch to let us know they were planning a reworking of their website.  For several years, we’d been hosting and supporting their corporate website,, but it was time for a change.

Their expertise in the electrical components market had led to rapid expansion and company acquisitions. Their website had seen similarly fast growth, but this came at the cost of a smooth user journey. It was no longer as obvious where to look to find the right service or product. A new structure was needed.

The Approach

Throughout the summer of 2021 a plan was formulated to restructure the website into 3 divisions. There would be a group site containing all the company info, a second site for their creatively focused ‘E-Design’ services, and a third site for their global component sourcing services known as ‘Safe Supply’.

There was one more stiplulation. The site needed to be built as a WordPress Multisite and with it, bring some of their other websites together onto a single WordPress platform.

The Work

Working in close collaboration with a freelance designer, we began by configuring the back end systems needed. Working with WordPress Multisite can be a little tricky. One of the main complexities is that every website in a Multi-site shares one database. We knew there would be at least 4 different websites coming together within the multi-site, so we needed to plan and create the whole structure.

Once in place, we created all of the custom-built content editors required for the Group site. Then finally came the front end templates, imagery and content population.

The Result

 A set of 3 fully responsive websites based on the template, were delivered at the end of an extended first phase of development. The Group site contains all of the core company information, with product information spread across 2 further multi-sites.