Support Contract Sydney Mitchell

24th March 2019 by Andy

The Requirement

Sydney Mitchell are a market leading law firm based in the West Midlands, and have specialist teams for all aspects of law for individuals and businesses.

Their website is based on Drupal and we were introduced as a team of developers who could maintain and support the site going forward.

The Approach

Before we offer support for a website, we take steps to understand what we are taking on.

We like to have a comprehensive understanding of how a site was constructed, which involves duplicating the website onto a development server.

Once installed we can investigate how it was built and apply fixes if needed.

The Work

We ran a site-wide audit of the site to pick up any issues before reviewing and correcting any that were affecting functionality or security.

We starting by ensuring Drupal was up to date with its security patches.

Next we ran malware scans on every aspect of the website to ensure there were no potential security threats. This is something we offer for all 3rd party websites regardless of where they are hosted, as it ensures the website is robust and secure before our support contract begins. It's a prerequisite if hosting is moving to our LIVE hosting environment.

Once we're satisfied with security and functionality, the ongoing part of the support contract begins.

The Result

The website passed a clean bill of health, security patches are applied on a regular basis, and we continue to monitor and maintain the site.

In addition to 'monthly housekeeping' we support the marketing team at Sydney Mitchell as a 'primary contact' for all website related matters. Whether it's the website, hosting, spam management, or any other web related concern - we review, offer opinion, advice and support to help the team manage the website as efficiently as possible.