Local Website Launch Sax and Honey

14th June 2020 by Tim

The Requirement

We were approached by Adie Flute, head of the WeAreAlliance agency in Barnsley, to see if we'd be interested in a project for a long time friend and associate.

A duo of professional musicians specialising in weddings and other events, were looking to revamp their website. It would be a joint effort with design by Alliance and development by 1WL.

Oh and by the way, they live in Bedford - just down the road from your offices. An opportunity to help out a friend and a local business together? How could we refuse?

The Approach

As with any small business, value for money is high on the list of priorities, so we proposed a time saving solution of using a template for the Divi infrastructure in WordPress, retaining the structure and customising the content to create something unique.

A pre-built Divi template was selected and inspected to ensure it would make a suitable platform to work on. Once agreed, Adie began work on customising the content in the templates, working with us closely to ensure the modifications could work in practice.

The Work

Once a set of design templates had been agreed, we set about putting them in place. WordPress was set up and Divi installed along with the donor design templates we'd be working on.

Next it was time to create all the customisations and integrate them into the site.

The content population was split between us, so the bulk of it was added via Divi, with us adjusted formatting where needed.

The Result

Happy clients are all we want from any project, and Sax and Honey seemed pretty pleased with the new site! It showcases their talents in a fresh and friendly way, with plenty of CTA's to capture enquiries.

We continue to host and support the site ensuring it's always secure and up to date.

All in all, another success story for another local business. One we're very happy to be an ongoing part of.