Network File Manager 10


Need to manage your network files and folders from your Windows 10 device? Then Network File Manager 10 is just what you need!

This native Universal Windows App gives you full control to manage files and folders across all your local folders and network shares.

Developed for simplicity and ease of use, just set up your network share locations and start managing!

  • Simply cut, copy, delete multiple files and folders.
  • Create new/modify existing folders, view images, play music and video.

Universal Windows Platform versatility means you can use Network File Manager 10 on all your Windows 10 devices, including Xbox One, Surface Hub and Mobile!

Copy movies and TV episodes straight to your Xbox One external storage and play them without the inconsistent experience of streaming software.

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Privacy Policy

Information collected

Network File Manager 10 provides access to files and folders on your shared network. Logins for accessing network shares are encrypted and saved on your device. The app doesn’t access, collect or transmit any personal information from your device.

The Windows Store and Windows App Host collects data regarding the purchase and usage of the app including (but not limited to) who bought/used the app, the location of the purchase, crash reports.

Any websites accessed from links within the app (such as via click-throughs from in-app advertising or otherwise) are not a part of this app, nor should the terms of our privacy policy be assumed to apply to them. Any data collected by such websites or by the advertising platform that delivered the ads, are outside the scope of responsibility of the developers of this app, and it is strongly advised that you review the privacy policy for any such website.

Use of information

No information is collected by the app developer or shared with 3rd party partners, however any information relating to adverts within the app may record information for tracking or other purposes. Such information is not passed to the app developers.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time.


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